Privacy Lattice Fence
Trellis Fence
Solid Board Fence
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Privacy Lattice Fence is a perfect
compromise between the more open trellis
or solid tongue & groove panels. The lattice
creates a greater degree of privacy, yet still
allows for sunlight and air. BrattleWorks'
privacy lattice is laid-on joinery, 5/8" thick at
the joint with a 1" opening. 
Trellis Fence  provide that classic
garden look that enhances the
landscape design and does not restrict
one's view. Trellis is 1" sq, using half lap
joinery, with a 4" opening.
Solid Board Fence panels provide total
privacy and security. The tongue & groove
solid panel is assembled with 7/8" thick
boards for optimum strength and rigidity.
The traditional "V" design pattern is on 3"
Since 1987 
A Wood Garden Fence whether Trellis, Privacy Lattice or Solid Board enhances your landscape design be it an open garden, a screened deck or
patio or a secure family area. BrattleWorks’ Wood Garden Fences are constructed of clear kiln dried western red cedar, stainless steel fasteners
and are available natural or with 100% acrylic white, green or any custom color stain. Need project or ordering HELP? Call (978) 410-5078
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