Garden Obelisk
Planter Box Obelisk
Garden Obelisk
Planter Box Obelisk
The Planter Box Obelisk #V109 shown contains a
tomato plant.. The Planter Box Oobelisk is excellent for
a deck or patio gardening.
 It measures 76"H and is
21" square at the base. The planter box base is model
#V400. Model #VA109 is pictured above. 
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Garden Obelisk  - Planter Box Obelisk 
Obelisks create a structure to support plant material.  Brattleworks' obelisks are constructed of western red cedar and are available natural
or stained in standard or custom colors. Need project or ordering HELP? Call (978) 410-5078
Multiple Garden Obelisks #V159 designed into
large raised garden beds they provide a structure
for growing palnt material.
 It measurers 69"h x
17" square at the base. 
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