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BrattleWorks' Cap Rail
has beveled edges to
promote moisture run-
off. The underside of
the Cap Rail has a dado
which fits over the top
edge of the fence panel
acting as a functional
yet decorative element
to finish off the panel.
The Cap Rail is approx.
2 3/8" wide. 
All of BrattleWorks' fence
panels are finished at the
bottom with a "kickboard"
applied to both the front
and back of the fence
panel. This sandwich
adds strength and rigidity
while maintaining a
classic look. The
kickboard is approx. 5
1/4" tall and 5/8" thick.
Construction Details  
BrattleWorksproducts are constructed of clear western red cedar, stainless steel fasteners and are available natural or with 100% acrylic
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