Project Help
 We welcome your conversation about design
ideas and alternatives.
 Once you have settled
upon a design, measurements for the various
sections, gates or arbors of your project will be
required. For example the Project to the right has
the following:
 Fence Section A = 20'
 Fence Section B = 13' [goes down a 10" hill]
 Gate is attached to the garage
 Fence section C = 3' [ends at house]
 If you have custom requirements a photo,
drawing or sketch of the piece is most helpful. 
 We can provide you with a list of materials,
section-by-section and a Quote for your review
and changes.
 Once you are satisfied with the details and at
your direction, a Quote will become an Order. At
the time of Ordering we will provide you with a
specific shipping schedule for your project. 
Contact BrattleWorks;
tel. (978) 410-5078 M-F 9am-5pm EST
fax. (978) 730-8026
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