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Trellis Planter Box
V206 Trellis Planter Box Back
V105 Trellis Planter Box Back
Lattice Planter Box
V206 Planter Box Back
V106 Lattice Planter Box Back
Deep Charcoal, Spring Tulip Red, Sun Poarch Yellow, White, Sailor's Sea Blue, Evergreen
Trellis & Lattice Planter Boxes
You can customize a Planter Box with a Trellis or Lattice back to create a structure for growing plant material. BrattleWorks
planter backs are constructed of
western red cedar and are available natural or stained and in standard or custom sizes.  
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V600 Planter Box &
V205 Trellis Back
Trellis Planter Box Backs
Lattice Planter Box Backs 
V600 Planter Box &
V206 Lattice Back
Color Choices
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Item #Description 
V105 53"h x 19"w Trellis Planter Box Back Natural
V205 53"h x 34"w Trellis Planter Box Back Natural
V106 53"h x 19"w Lattice Planter Box Back Natural
V206 53"h x 34"w Lattice Planter Box Back Natural
Stain0 Add Benjamin Moore 100% acrylic stain per piece