LaFayette Garden Arbor Model #30,
LaFayette Garden Arbor Model #30,
Lattice and Trellis base with Curved and Trellis
Reducer panels, 42" inside width, 118" outside
width, 38" depth. LaFayette Arbors come with
3.5" x 8' posts.
 Post upgrades have 75" of
B - Forever Post Buy Now
C - Masonry
Post Buy Now 
D - Matching Gate
LaFayette Garden Arbors Model #30 
LaFayette Garden Arbors can be a landscape focal point, a Garden Structure for growing plant material or part of a Garden Fence used for defining yard
space. BrattleWorks’ arbors are constructed of clear kiln dried western red cedar, stainless steel fasteners and are available natural or with 100% acrylic white,
green or any custom color stain. Need project or ordering HELP? Call (978) 410-5078
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Item #Description 
30 42" IW arch, LaFayette with wings
3052 Model #30 with 52" Inside Width arch
3062 Model #30 with 62" Inside Width arch
3073 Model #30 with 73" Inside Width arch
T155 72"h x 41"w Lattice w/Curved Trellis Gate