Brookline Picket Fence
The pickets on a Brookline Picket Fence
 1 1/2" wide and 1" thick. The picket
spacing of 2 3/8" gives the panel a refined look
that changes with the angle of the
view. Brookline picket panels have 6" circles
across the top. Brookline picket panels are
finished off with a cap rail at the top and
kickboard (base moldings) on both the front
and back on the bottom. They are attached to
posts or columns by screwing through the 1" x
3" nailer at the end of the panel with the
provided screws. 
PP970 is shown above 
Brookline Picket Fences
A Picket Fence of historic design creates a classic detail to enhance the front of your home or garden. BrattleWorks’ Picket
Fences are constructed of clear kiln dried western red cedar, stainless steel fasteners and are available natural or with 100%
acrylic white, green or any custom color stain. Need project or ordering help? Call (978) 410-5078
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Picket Designs:  
Item #Description 
PP378 Brookline Picket Fence 36"h x 31"w
PP374 Brookline Picket Fence 42"h x 31"w
PP370 Brookline Picket Fence 48"h x 31"w
PP978 Brookline Picket Fence 36"h x 71"w
PP974 Brookline Picket Fence 42"h x 71"w
PP970 Brookline Picket Fence 48"h x 71"w